NOTE: This is not WAEC or NECO EXAM this is a hardcore exam. That need standard solvers and standard solution for high marks. That why it is costly.. Your solutions/questions will get to you Three (3) hours before Exam… Before it was night supply but due to spreading they start changing questions.. so act wise and Subscribe now we are closing the subscription on the 9th of April….

Choose from our below subscription price list that best suites you, then deposit the exact amount into any of the below bank accounts:

OUR SUBSCRIPTION PRICE LIST FOR ONE CANDIDATE, FOR DIRECT WHATSAPP:- On this package of subscription, We will send answers directly to your phone number on WhatsApp . Or your number will be added to a WhatsApp group immediately for the subjects you pay for.
(i) 1 Candidate + Three (3) subjects + Practical or Not. N30,000
(ii) All subjects + All Practicals N80,000
(iii) Single Subject/Single Practical. Each paper N10,000

OUR SUBSCRIPTION PRICE LIST FOR ONE CANDIDATE, FOR PASSWORD LINK:- Password link you will be given a Pin to view a password protected page so you will use the Pin to unlock and view the answers 4hour b4 the exam start.
(i) 1 Candidate + Three (3) subjects + Practical or Not. N25,000
(ii) All subjects + All Practicals N50,000
(iii) Single Subject/Single Practical. Each paper N8,000

***:After Payment, Send the Name You use When You Deposited to our Bank Account, the Bank Name, Your payment Deposit Slip no., Your Phone No., Your Subjects and a Short text ‘I Paid for IJMB Solution’ as SMS to: 08164859757 Via SMS

Example: Name: Mr Unity Subjects: Maths, Eng, Phy, Chem, Biology, Agri. Phone no: 08164859757 Teller no: 021351 & Depositor Name; Mr Unity I paid N25,000 on 5th Feb. 2021 I paid for the ExamUnity 2021 IJMB Solution.

**Automatically you are now listed in our SMS – IJMB SOLUTION LIST after we get a notification from the Bank.

NOTE:- Answers Will not be Posted for Free. Subscribe or Write your Exams in Hot Seat.

Act Wisely, Your Success is your Weapon.

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