Elo Elo: Wizkid on a unique level


The resurface of Nigerian music star, Ayo Balogun, known as Wizkid on Twitter has sparked diverse reactions on Saturday.

The Multi-award winning artiste has been absent from the microblogging site for eight months. While some individuals felt his comeback would be accompanied with great music or message, STAR BOY came back with Elo Elo and most of the commentators on social media are loving it.

Wizkid’s last tweet was on the 3rd of January 2019, which reads: “Gone till March! Thank You”.

However, one of the most recognised African artistes came back on August 24 and his first tweet was “Elo Elo!! How tings tings,” before one could blink the eyes, everywhere has been buzzing with Elo Elo.

The next tweet was: “Happy 1st of March.”

His latest tweet has raised some questions about what really interest Nigerians. The kind of things we celebrate and talk about among many other things, but most Nigerians on Twitter seem not to care about how meaningful or the importance of Elo Elo.

Dr Joe Abah wrote: “There are levels to this thing o. So Wizkidayo will just say “Elo Elo!! How tings tings” and get 5,000 retweets and 19,000 likes with 4 million followers? And some people will have profiles that say “If you are reading this, click this.”

A twitter user wrote: “So Wizkid just tweeted “elo elo,” and now “elo elo” is trending, a star I Stan.”

Another wrote: “Wizkid came to test Microphone on twitter and he’s trending.”

However, among many tweets which welcomed and glorified “Elo Elo”, few commentators asked for the importance of the tweet and what could be done to make Nigerians focus more on intellectual messages.

A commentator wrote: “Wizkid came back and tweeted Elo Elo and everywhere is like this. What’s wrong with us. What’s the way forward to focus on how to be good at great things.”

Another wrote: “Nigerians will not fail to surprise me, Elo Elo is trending, of what importance is this.”

Is Wizkid on a different level or the interest of some Nigerians is quite unworthy?